Cascadia Cupholder


This acrylic cupholder was designed and fabricated for 24-672 DIY Design and Fabrication.

The design brief was to create an acrylic cupholder, using no bonding methods, for ShiMountain Man, LLC., a fictional outdoor supply company. The cupholder needed to be durable and portable (from both a weight and form perspective). My final design used twisting joints to hold the three pieces together, and allowed the cupholder to be disassembled for easy transport on a carabiner.





To assemble the cupholder, match up the engraved numbers in order.


During the design process I went though several rounds of brainstorming. After the early rounds, I decided on using the rotating lock joint, so later brainstorming focused on designs that would work with that joint.

Once I began prototyping, I was able to confirm using cardboard that the rotating joint would work well enough for the cup holder. I also tried, and then discarded, a design with only two pieces.

I then designed cad files for each part and laser cut them. After seeing the first test cut, I decided to remove as much unnecessary material as possible using a truss design. I also spent several iterations honing the tolerances on the parts. Some were too loose and some were too tight. For my final iteration, I also added engraved numbers to aid in assembly.

Flier (click on image for link to pdf):